How Its Done
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How do we do this?

As one of the original innovators to trace SWIFT transactions  from post transactional analysis. Our company founded the art of locating the key data points used to track and verify funds availability from the transaction processors.

With the advent of blockchain technology, financial institutions are rapidly moving toward this technology for clearing and settlements. We are the only information source to provide the in-depth scanning techniques to locate blockchain transactions being used by a growing number of banks and brokerages in this evolving environment.


All electronic money transactions (anything not in cash) processes through the SWIFT, ACH, or credit card networks.  This includes, deposits, checks, debit card transactions, online bill pay, wires, or pretty much any financial transaction used today. If it is not a strict cash deposit and cash withdrawal, it goes through one of the described networks.  From these networks, the data is passed through to third party transactional companies that process back end data that provide provisional information and then confirm with SWIFT confirmations from the account providing institution. What does all that mean? By using third party software that processes the back end information used by banks and brokerages to affect transactions, we find electronic footprints that show active accounts being used by the search subject. Unless the subject has “opted out” of information privacy as is their right under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, under the privacy notice that went into effect July 1st, 2001, the bank discloses this information to third parties for a variety of reasons. Read more here  


But… with the advent of blockchain, a number of banks (about 35% so far) have stopped using the third party processers for their financial transactions, and that limits the number of accounts that can be located using this old method. But, we have built our database of ledger transactions since 2014 and are the ONLY asset location firm that can provide these traces. Without the original ledger information that we have been building since 2014, its not possible to locate these accounts form banks now using blockchain.

Any legal source of asset information will explain their methods with verifiable information. Just ask your current source for their methods and BIC code.

Give us a call to quickly set up an account 213-438-9018