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We’re hiring

investigators for

onsite audits

Why are we hiring?

Asset Analysts has ongoing government contracts that we have managed for years for asset location searches. Those contracts have expanded to include audits of certain records of lenders in every state in the US and American Samoa, Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. We currently have over 4000 cases pending (as of June 1, 2020) that must be completed over the next 14 months with additional follow up cases as needed. We need licensed investigators to help conduct these onsite audits/investigations all across the US.

What kind of cases?

These cases consist of interviewing and gathering documents from banks and lending institutions. The institution will be served a subpoena prior to the investigators visit for the release of information. The investigator will then coordinate a time for an in person interview with the compliance officers of the institution and gather the required documents. The investigator will then forward the documents to us and submit an online report of the interview and process of the investigation. The average time per case is between 8-12 hours.

What are the details?

The investigator must be licensed if the state or city they are working in requires licensing. The investigator must also have an Errors and Omissions endorsement on their insurance liability policy. All investigators must have a professional appearance and must wear appropriate business attire for the onsite investigation. The investigator must have dependable transportation and a laptop computer with internet access that is capable of utilizing security encryption. The pay rate will be $127 per hour, plus mileage reimbursement at 57.5 cents based on google maps from your office address to the investigation site and back, hotel reimbursement of up to $150 per night approved if travel is over 150 miles one way from origin of the investigators office, and meal allowance of $35.00 per day. Payment for services and reimbursement will be made by direct deposit or mailed check after submission of case information online, mailing of documents, and submission of receipts showing tracking number and invoice submission online. Most of your note file will be submitted online, however due to the amount of documents you may receive from the institution, those will be mailed to us by FedEx. All invoices and reimbursements will be paid within 15 days of submission. Copies of paid receipts will be required for lodging and meal reimbursement. All reimbursement and payment for services will be made in the same payment. All investigators will be considered contract workers and must sign a contract as such as well as a non disclosure. Investigators may have as many cases as they can effectively handle in the state or area of their location however we will not assign more than 7 cases per week per investigator.

We are hiring a number of investigators in each state and territory. Unfortunately due to limited staff and workload, we are not able to answer phone calls with general questions from applicants. To be considered for these jobs, please submit an interest request using the form below. One of our staff will contact you for follow up. For details, please read the above facts.

Your information below will be encrypted and kept secure. We do not sell any of your information and it will only be used for further consideration of the hiring process.

Sincerely,   Robert J,   Outside Contract Liaison